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  • Imperial and Coronado Beach have been closed. How influential are the interventions to address problems ... More

  • Please share your suggestions about the use of a desalination plant (its type, its extent, etc.) in ... More

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  • Did you take any college courses related to navigation engineering or waterborne transportation? Or was ... More

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  • I am looking at several design solutions for the encasement of aged waste water pipes and design strategies ... More

  • What are your thoughts on COPRI's new Manual of Practice – Navigation Channel Sedimentation Solutions? ... More

  • Offshore wind development globally is up against strong headwinds from inflationary-driven cost increases ... More

  • Hi Catherine, I have used tanks in this way several times and seen them used by others in multiple ... More

  • EPA has a web page on onsite water reuse systems Onsite Non-Potable Water Reuse Research | US EPA ... More

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