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Modeling Bridges with Angled Piles in HECRAS

  • 1.  Modeling Bridges with Angled Piles in HECRAS

    Posted 14 days ago


    We are constructing a HECRAS model of a canal that includes a railway bridge supported by several rows of pile bents containing piles installed at a vertical angle that is perpendicular to the direction of flow. While bridge abutments can be sloped, it appears that HECRAS can only accommodate vertical bridge piers. Does anyone know of a way to model flow past non-vertical bridge piers in HECRAS? My inclination is to model flow though this bridge using CFD to estimate an effective K value for the bridge opening and piers, and then incorporate the resultant K value into the HECRAS model. There may be better alternatives. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Mark Wilsnack
    South Florida Water Management District
    West Palm Beach FL