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  • Hello Everyone, I am curious to learn more about the following stormwater management related questions ... More

  • Dear, I have completed a waterproofing project for a Fuel Element Factory in Brazil with approximately ... More

  • Before about 20 years, there was no design consideration for climate change, specifically for rising ... More

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  • What is a basement? Does it have to have a minimum headroom? The rest of the world thinks of a basement ... More

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    Liquid epoxy

    Dear all I need a guidance regarding the internal liquid epoxy lining of raw water pumping pipeline ... More

  • Hi, For better understanding, If you can share the following inputs - a. Pipe material for the wastewater ... More

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    RE: Preparing a Paper

    Thomas, apart from Bill's suggestion, assuming that you are looking for international titles, here ... More

  • Imperial and Coronado Beach have been closed. How influential are the interventions to address problems ... More

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