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    Posted 12-15-2017 04:14 PM
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    The word is out! The Lehigh Valley Section of ASCE is now accepting nominations for our annual awards. These awards are presented to two individuals and one project team.


    Nomination forms are available for download by visiting the LVASCE website lvasce.org. Forms may also be obtained through email by contacting the Chairman of the Awards Committee, John Caperilla at jcaperilla@....


    The individual awards are for the Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year. To be eligible for both of these awards the nominee has to be a member of ASCE and LVASCE but does not necessarily have to possess the most outstanding technical skills, although that is a consideration. What the selection committee is looking for are candidates that are not only technically proficient but those that support and promote civil engineering and engineering in general as a profession. Individuals that are mentors either in the work place or through programs.


    Examples of these programs are Mathcounts and Odyssey of the Mind. Involvement with student chapters of ASCE at a local university and/or tutoring of math and science at any level are other examples. Involvement with other professional, charitable and community organizations is also taken into consideration.


    1) The Young Engineer is open to any LVASCE member who will be no more than 35 years of age as of December 31, 2016. There are no minimums for years of experience or professional certifications required.


    2) Engineer of the Year can be any LVASCE member in good standing of any age. Again there is no minimum requirement for the number of years of experience and they do not necessarily have to be a P.E. The recipients of the LVASCE Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year awards will be put forward as our organizations nominees for the Lehigh Valley Engineering Council Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year awards.


    3) Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement has fairly wide-open criteria. The project does not necessarily have to be technically innovative design or large project. Any project that may have been fairly simple in the technical aspects of the fundamental design but required exceptionally creative thinking to overcome significant regulatory, political, financial, environmental, historical preservation, site constraints and/or other construction challenges or innovative construction management techniques should be considered as a nominee as well. At a minimum this award recognizes the project owner and the prime design consultant and contractor. It is acceptable and appropriate for the person putting forth the nomination to include any specialty subconsultant and/or contractor that provided an innovation that was either essential to completion or made the project exceptionally unique.


    The full list of qualifications and criteria for each award are provided on the nomination forms.

    Nominations are due to the Awards Committee by December 31, 2017. The award winners will be notified of their selection in February.

    John Caperilla
    Immediate Past President
    ASCE Lehigh Valley Section