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Contact details will already appear from our member database. If you wish to update any of these records, please contact Member Services. You can control what information is visible to other members by changing your privacy settings (see below).

Begin to Contribute

Now that we have the basics out of the way. It’s time to engage with other engineers. Please take the time to browse the discussions, reply when you can add knowledge to the conversation and ask questions by starting new discussions.

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All ASCE members are included in the ASCE Collaborate member directory. Please visit the Privacy Settings in your profile to decide what information you would like to be displayed. You can control who views what content by selecting the following

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Please visit Profile - My Account – Privacy Settings or Update here.

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“Daily Consolidated Digest” – Shared files, discussion posts, events, and announcements for the day in one consolidated digest.

“Weekly Consolidated Digest” - Shared files, discussion posts, events, and announcements for the week one consolidated digest

You may change your notification settings at any time. Update here.

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Ground Rules

ASCE Collaborate is designed to be a resource for everyone who participates. Please keep this in mind as you ask questions and comment in the open forums. Please review our guidelines to understand how you should engage. View them here.



If you have any questions please contact Tirza Austin at [email protected]