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  • Posted in: Public Policy

    ​I am not sure I agree.  I understand from a student's perspective cost of completion is a factor, but ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    Paul - A suggestion to you and others who may read this. The goal is to get the BSCE in as few years ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    During the debate on the Masters Degree being the first professional degree I argued (unsuccessfully) ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    ​I think one of the issues is the parochial department centric focus of most degree programs.  Engineering ... More

  • I wanted to bring your attention to this current conversation about sustainability in one of the ASCE ... More

  • Posted in: Career & Workforce

    Greetings Bradley Novacek, Many thanks for your post, I am assuming you are referring to the Sustainability ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    I'm a young engineer with around 2 years of experience and this is my take. During my college years I ... More

  • For my term paper in highway engineering class, I made a study of the ten most accident prone intersections ... More

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