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    Beach Reading List?

    Posted in: Career & Workforce

    The weekend is almost here! Many of us are planning on spending some time on the beach. Will you be packing ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    As expected, yesterday's Subcommittee hearing focused on the rapid growth of occupations and professions ... More

  • Natalya, I work for a large engineering firm and when we subcontract out to smaller firms where QA/QC ... More

  • Hi  Natalya, Thanks for raising the question. Please bear with me on my response. Quality is conformance ... More

  • If I may request, please go to the "Career & Workforce" discussion area, and consider my post in ... More

  • Posted in: Career & Workforce

    On the subject of Business Ethics, I wrote the following:                                 A paper published ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    It's time to set ASCE's 2019 Priority Issues! Every year, the Public Policy Committee invites ASCE ... More

  • Posted in: Career & Workforce

    I was inspired by my nephew who was a great Civil Engineer and Architect. I followed his innovative works ... More

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