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  • Posted in: Career & Workforce
  • ​Karen, Working for a public agency I did not see a raise nor would I see RFPs or RFQs.  The D.WRE ... More

  • Posted in: Public Policy

    The state of RI has recently constructed the first offshore wind farm.   It powers Block Island and ... More

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    RE: This is a test

    Hi All, Great meeting at Council Weekend!  I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what ... More

  • Hi Robert,  Thanks for the input. I have been considering applying, so your feed back is very helpul. ... More

  • I think ANSYS is better. ------------------------------ Binay Shah S.M.ASCE Ramnagar Mirchaiya ------------------------------ More

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  • I have received both a raise at my current firm and two unsolicited proposals due to being a Diplomate ... More

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    This is a test

    This is a test ------------------------------ Robert Traver Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, F.EWRI, F.ASCE PROFESSOR ... More