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Orange County, FL - Transportation Initiative

  • 1.  Orange County, FL - Transportation Initiative

    Posted 06-25-2022 10:49 AM
    On April 26, 2022 the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) voted to approve the following to be placed on the ballot on November 8, 2022. Find more information at Transportation Work Sessions (ocfl.net)

    "Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax: Shall a Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax at the rate Of one percent (1%) be levied in Orange County, Florida for a period of 20 years with revenue deposited into a trust fund dedicated exclusively to transportation and transit improvement uses authorized by law, with oversight and accountability for the revenue provided by a citizen oversight board and the elected comptroller, as approved by the Board Of County Commissioners? ___ FOR the one-cent sales tax;  ___ AGAINST the one-cent sales tax".
    The BCC has committed to distribute the $600M from the trust fund: 45% to transit, 45% for improvements to County highways, 10% to municipal projects. 
    On June 15, 2022 officers of ASCE's East Central Branch (ECB) and institute chairs were asked to vote, via surveymonkey, on how the branch should proceed:

    • A vote of "I am for" indicates you support the branch taking a stance that encourages our membership to vote to approve the Tax
    • A vote of "I am neutral" indicates you do not want the branch to take a pro/against stance, and we will move forward with unbiased education for our membership
    • As discussed, we do not intend to take a stance against the tax ("Axe the tax").
    On June 23, 2022 ECB President Melissa Burns advised that, of the 11 votes cast, "7 to 4 it has been determined that the branch will move forward with a Neutral position on the ballot initiative. We will not be encouraging our membership to vote for/against this bill, but be a neutral educational voice on the topic to the ASCE community."

    As a member of the ECB, I have started this thread as a forum for members to discuss their thoughts on this initiative. I encourage all comments, for/against/third way, as long as they are presented in a civil manner.

    Fraser Howe P.E., F.ASCE

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