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  • 1.  Water Distribution System Challenges

    Posted 07-11-2017 12:24 PM
    The rapid growth of the megacities of the developing world has posed major water planning and management changes.
    The first is the rate of growth. The development of the megacities of the developed countries was a gradual process.
    The second major difference is that as the megacities of the industrialised countries expanded, their economies were growing concomitantly.
    Besides water supply, sanitation, storm-water and wastewater management, water is fundamental to megacities in many other aspects.
    Because of the challenges posed by total water management in megacities, the professionals are specially invited for a discussion information, knowledge and technology exchange and transfer.

    Pezhmantaherei Taherei
    Post-doctoral Researcher
    Assistant Professor
    University of Malaya

  • 2.  RE: Water Distribution System Challenges

    Posted 07-12-2017 12:33 PM
    ASCE is already engaged in addressing this issue with regard to technology exchange and influencing policy and decision makers. ASCE is conducting a conference on Urbanization Challenges in Emerging Economies in New Delhi, India on 12 - 14 December, 2017. The theme is "Moving Towards Resilient Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure". Energy, environment, and water infrastructure needed to meet the demands of exploding population in urban areas in developing countries will be addressed in a prominent way at the conference, along with other major areas such as transportation, planning and financing, etc. We expect that 250 to 300 papers will be presented, and several policy & decision makers, prominent practitioners, and researchers in this area will be making keynote presentations addressing infrastructure issues pertaining to rapid urbanization in emerging economies. For more information please check the ASCE India Conference website at ASCE India Conference 2017  and all are invited to attend.

    Udai Singh D.Eng., BCEE, PMP, M.ASCE
    Moraga CA