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Resources for Teaching Engineering Hydrology Class (HydroLearn Platform) 

03-27-2020 01:00 PM

Hydrologic Design of a Storm Detention Basin (HydroLearn Platform)

Flash flooding is a hazard in many parts of the world. In south Louisiana, the terrain is particularly flat with minimal natural slope to support efficient drainage. Flash flooding is common in urban areas where runoff from rainfall quickly accumulates in coulees and cannot drain fast enough. A flash flood is a sudden and rapid rise in stream water depth resulting from heavy, localized rainfall. With a growing population, developing neighborhoods in terrain susceptible to flash floods has become more common and therefore increased the potential for damage to private property and public infrastructure.

Hydrologists are frequently required to design flood protection infrastructure to protect people and property from the impacts of flash flooding. This module is based on an actual flood protection project for the Beau Bassin Coulee in Carencro, Louisiana, but is general enough to be applicable for other watersheds.

In this module you will use the engineering design process to design a detention basin for use in protecting an area of urban development from flooding. In doing so, you will learn about specific topics in hydrology: Watershed Properties, Precipitation, Runoff and Infiltration, Modeling Using HEC-HMS

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