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David Noren - 3/11/2021 Luncheon Presentation - Rail Creek Culvert Replacement Project 

03-26-2021 11:44 AM

Program Description: The presentation will cover EBA  

Engineering’s efforts towards permitting, designing, and  

overseeing construction for the replacement of a culvert  

crossing Rail Creek, a tributary to Dry Creek above Lake  

Sonoma and Warm Springs Dam at the Cooley Ranch. The  

project includes construction of an open bottom, arch top  

culvert and all associated site work within the bed and bank of  

Rail Creek which is delineated as Waters of the United States  

and Waters of the State of California. The previous culvert was  

washed out in a storm event in 2016 and the property owner wished to replace the culvert with an improved  structure that will enhance the habitat and the natural geomorphic functions of the Rail Creek channel  improving both creek channel function and the conveyance of gravel as well as habitat and rearing and  dispersal opportunities for aquatic organisms that are present around the project site. Partial funding was  provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The presentation provides details of the scope  of work that was conducted to support acquisition and approval of permits from applicable regulatory  agencies, engineering design, and construction oversight. 

Speaker: Mr. Noren is the Vice President of Environmental Services at  

EBA Engineering with over 25 years of experience in the fields of  

hydrogeology, environmental investigations, environmental  

assessments, and solid waste management. Mr. Noren manages site  

and regional investigations in support of the firm's environmental  

projects. He has supervised numerous hydrogeologic investigations 

delineating known and suspected contaminated sites. These  

investigations have required exploratory drilling, groundwater monitoring  

well installation, soil and groundwater sampling and analysis. 

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