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Mr Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D.,P.E.,D.WRE(Ret.),Dist.M.ASCE

S.G. Walesh Consulting

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S.G. Walesh Consulting

Mr Stuart Walesh, Ph.D.,P.E.,D.WRE(Ret.),Dist.M.ASCE

S.G. Walesh Consulting


As an independent consultant, teacher, and author, I draw on my experiences in academia, business, and government to help individuals and organizations engineer their futures.

My current principal professional interest is helping engineers and others live and work smarter, especially being even more creative and innovative. How? By understanding how their brains work and, building on that foundation, learning about and using many thinking tools and methods.

Science has learned so much in the past two decades. This is not brain surgery knowledge. Any interested engineer can develop mental literacy and use it to be more effective, efficient, creative, and innovative. For details, see my 2017 book Introduction to Creativity and Innovation for Engineers. For an introduction to the book visit my website and click on Managing and Leading Books.