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Ms. Lily Cartwright, EIT, A.M.ASCE

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Ms. Lily Cartwright, EIT, A.M.ASCE


Presently I work on a team performing environmental remediation of RCRA and CERCLA sites for the federal government, writing the work plans and reports, and pursuing proposals for these projects.

A naturally creative thinker, I nurtured a technical mind and problem solving skills through undergraduate study in engineering. With passion for people and the environment, my ideal position is creating and communicating solutions between the technical and social aspects of environmental projects.

Directly following graduation, I was working with a Brazilian NGO to develop productive land sustainability analyses that enhance quality of life and environment in the Brazilian frontier, writing funding grants for the firefighting brigades in the Cerrado and Amazon regions, and translating between Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

My final year at the University of Virginia, I was project manager for my team in the civil capstone design course, researched effective carbon sequestration in fractured shale in the VEST Laboratory, and professionally taught yoga while developing a sustainable student club for the cultivation of yoga on grounds.