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  • 1.  Traffic and Transportation Planning

    Posted 07-02-2017 03:15 AM
    What are the softwares available for traffic and transportation planning in India? Where are they accessible.

  • 2.  RE: Traffic and Transportation Planning

    Posted 07-02-2017 04:41 AM
    Since I have been a Student Ambassador for Bentley Systems I can tell you about some of their softwares on Transportation Infrastructure (Planning Design and Management) in details. For students most of these softwares are offered for free along with online training videos and certification programs (If the college has their Bentley School Code).

    Bentley Assetwise ALIM
    This is an Asset Life-cycle Information Management Solution
    Bentley OpenRoads Designer
    It has the capabilities in InRoads, GEOPAK, MX, PowerCivil for Civil, and GeoMacro product lines (These softwares are developed by Bentley for specific objectives) with a single offering. OpenRoads Designer is built on OpenRoads modeling technology (a technology termed by Bentley Systems) and provides significant design modeling, analytical modeling and project collaboration capabilities.
    Bentley MXROAD Suite
    This software combines modeling capabilities with PowerSurvey, MXRENEW (a complementary solution that fits new design onto existing roads for rehabilitation and reconstruction), and MXURBAN (parametric design software for roads in cities and urban areas). MXROAD Suite automates much of the design detailing process.

    Below is a list of softwares (some of these I used during my B.Tech studies at NIT-Bhopal) that are often used by students at IIT/NIT for both UG and PG courses:
    The TRAffic Network StudY Tool is used to assess and optimize the performance of networks of roads by assigning costs to vehicle stops and delays
    This is the microscopic simulation program for multi-modal traffic flow modeling, developed by PTV AG, Germany
    The Geographic Information system software for Transportation and Public Transportation Applications. This helps in routing and network optimization and in Four-Step planning process
    This is the software package for transportation forecasting. This permits the users to code models for travel demand and travel supply using scripting language making it flexible.
    This is a software used for pavement asset management which includes budget allocation, prioritization of construction and maintenance strategies, network and project level optimization.

    Also the MORTH is offering some softwares like Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) in collaboration with private developers. 
    IIT Delhi under their Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP) are developing solutions for Traffic Management, their Beta versions might be available for research and study purposes.
    IIT Kharagpur offers IITPAVE (but it is meant for design purposes)
    IIT Bombay offers Traffic Data Extractor, it contains tools for vehicle trajectory extraction, speed extraction and vehicle counting from a video based survey. It can be used for pedestrian data extraction also.
    IIT Madras under COE-UT offer Manual Count Made Easy (MCME) another data extraction software freely available on their website.

    Some other developers that develop management solutions (but are probably offered for commercial purposes) are: 
    SAP Transportation Management Software
    ePROMISE Transportation & Logistics

    Vardhan Dongre EI, Aff.M.ASCE