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EIT / FE Exam accreditation on Resumes

  • 1.  EIT / FE Exam accreditation on Resumes

    Posted 08-04-2017 09:32 AM
    I am updating my resume and have included in the past "EIT" distinction for passing the FE exam in Tennessee back in 2012.

    I am looking to see if EIT is still appropriate to include on a resume in DC as most information I am finding on internet forums is older.

    1. Do employers in DC typically understand the EIT designation or does DC utilize EIT or EI?
    2. I was certified in TN though never went through a process to transfer accreditation to DC, as I don't plan to pursue a PE license.  Is it still appropriate to include EIT?  I realize this does not affect my ability to work under an engineer or perform engineering work under a PE's supervision.
    3. Has anyone seen a better way to include on a resume in as few letters/words as possible?

    Thank you

    Alec Richards A.M.ASCE