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    Posted 05-21-2018 10:02 AM

    Brian Fellows and I, Maria Angelica Deeb, are developing a TRB paper on bikeshare performance criteria for equity and safety.

    We have put together a questioner and would appreciate your responses. Please share with others.

    For context: The bikeshare programs launched in different US cities and around the world have experienced different degrees of success and growth. Depending on how success is defined, and by whom, the end results differ. Determining success for bikeshare programs depends on whether you are a city official, a vendor, or an end user. It is necessary to align all parties and define criteria for determining if a bikeshare program is performing and if it is successful. This questioner will assist us explore and develop performance criteria that measures equity and safety. In bikeshare programs, equity is essential for ensuring that extent and costs of the bikeshare bikes, stations, maintenance, operation, re-distribution and services are fairly divided among their recipients. To have data drive the measure of performance that measures equity criteria must be set. Safety can be evaluated based on the number of fatal and serious injury crashes caused and including bikeshare users.

    Thank you in advance

    QUESTIONER: BikeShare Equity & Safety Survey

    Maria Angelica Deeb P.E., M.ASCE
    Transportation Projects Coordinator
    Mesa AZ
    (480) 644-2845