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  • ​I live in Wilmington, NC and we just completed initial damage assessments. Many flood damages were outside of the 100-yr floodplain, to the total surprise of the unfortunate homeowners and business owners. Correct that the public does not understand ... More

  • I agree completely about the need to up-date rainfall frequency numbers. ​I have been asking when Technical Paper 40 is going to be revised to reflect the actual rainfall data? Intensity, duration, frequency curves....Designing a culvert for the 10-yr, ... More

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    To start a discussion about appropriate design criteria, I can only convey the security level of German protection systems. Flood protection is usually realized with levees. The height of it depends on the security level of the objects to be protected. ... More

  • Following the comments of Chad Morrison, and in line with Alan Nelson's suggestions, I would like to add the following: Chad is right. The hurricane rating system – the Saffir-Simpson Scale is long outdated. It was developed in the 1970's following ... More

  • I agree that the storm forecasting that only uses hurricane categories is woefully inadequate to warn of the potential for high rainfall totals and the resulting flooding.  However, as hydrologists, we must also recognize that with global warming and ... More

#Waterfront Inspection
#Waterfront Inspection


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    This forum is for members to share personal experiences, facilitate assistance with hurricane related questions, and discuss the technical aspects of Hurricane Florence.

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