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Your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume. Find out how to improve that digital resume.


Resume to Interview

What most civil engineers miss in their job search is the need of the hiring company. They fail to identify the specific need of the hiring company and instead just explain to the company all of the great things they have accomplished in their careers. The hiring company is less interested in your accomplishments and more interested in their need. If you operate under this assumption (which is usually very accurate) your results will improve.

For example, if a civil firm is looking for a project manager who has experience managing client relationships, then don’t focus your pitch so much on the projects you’ve managed. Instead, focus your pitch on the clients and relationships you’ve managed.


Avoid Mistakes

What are the top seven mistakes on civil engineers’ resumes? Find out what mistakes you should avoid.


Top Resume Tips

Looking for more tips? Find out what this ASCE resume coach considers to be the best resume advice shared in the ASCE Resume Workshop.

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