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  • Posted in: Career By Design

    My intern is something in my life which I cannot forget. I loved civil engineering field so I took civil engineering classes but while I was studying the classes I really felt what am I studying is practical? But my internship provided me the real start ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Shedrack,  I would recommend you go to the NCEES  website and look up what state you may like to work in. The regulations vary from state to state. Coming from another country you may not have taken the FE exam which is normally the first step towards ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Unfortunately, the real company culture is frequently not revealed until you have been at the new company for a short while. Do you adapt, stay in misery, or flee?The interview stage may be entirely different from the reality. ------------------------------ ...

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  • Salvador Bentolila did a great job outlining the benefits of having a mentor in his Career By Design article “ Mentoring: ...

  • “…everyone is now a marketer.” -Seth Godin I have heard engineering students say that they are going into engineering ...

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  • As soon as I found out about ASCE’s new mentoring platform, ASCE Mentor Match, I became interested in the idea of mentoring. ...

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