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  • Posted in: Career By Design

    It might be a boon for civil engineering, also in the same way it can also be a bane as the emerging tech might focus on the AutoCAD drawing / planning a site.     If this is taken as a problem statement then obviously a part of civil engineers are in ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    A great resource is the ASCE Guidelines for Engineering Grades. See https://www.asce.org/career-growth/early-career-engineers/asce-guidelines-for-engineering-grades . This resource provides sense of what progressive responsibility entails in measurable ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    I passed the PE Civil Water Resources and Environmental Exam in November 2022. I found practice exam books to be the most useful in my studying so I used what I found available in that format.  I think that practice exams also help in preparing for the ...

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  • I haven’t attended an in-person conference since 2019. Covid really put a hold on most in-person events, especially large ...

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  • It is no secret that the cost of goods has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Inflation has put a squeeze ...

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  • How do I make the most of a career fair? This question is a common one among those who are in college and seeking summer ...

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