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Switching to Remote Work

COVID-19 shifted how civil engineers are working across the globe. What lessons have we learned?

Stand Out in an Uncertain Job Market

The world has changed drastically. These resources will prepare you to stand out as a new graduate.

Crafting a Civil Engineering Resume

How to move your resume on the top of the pile?

Welcome to the Profession Toolkit

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  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Hi @Justin Redman To expand upon @Marsia Geldert-Murphey already excellent advice​​​, mentoring really depends on the goals of what you would like to accomplish. One thing that I have learned through my past mentoring is that it is really helpful ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Hello Danielle, While my work had been remote, I performed those same strategies: I took breaks after about an hour of work for walking, a chore, or a meal. I performed similarly during my time taking classes remotely, so all in all, I reconfigured ...

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  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Hello Nicolai, As a civil engineering student at Ohio State, I know finance is a topic that students like us should at least be taught the basics about before we're suddenly entrusted with so much money. My 5th of five years will start after this summer: ...

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Member Voices

  • The coronavirus outbreak has brought about radical change in the way companies operate. With most operations going remote, ...

  • Remember when you were 17 years old, filling out multiple college applications, scrolling through the hundreds of possible ...

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  • Most people are teenagers when they enter college and have to choose a major. I was a 17-year-old student at the University ...

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