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  • Posted in: Career By Design

    I don't know about nationally publicized programs, but I live in North Carolina and I completed an online Masters of Civil Engineering with a structural concentration from NC State from 2012 to 2015.  That program has been online since before I started ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    When I was that young, my attention was divided between school work, some after school activates like building with Knex and playing piano, and playing video games. To that end, my vision of success was having a lasting impact on the world around me, ...

  • Posted in: Career By Design

    Good question. Chris' reply is consistent with my experience in modeling water resources. Suggest you look at the Corps of Engineers  Research and Development Center (ERDC) for career ideas. Also look at the Department of Defense elements and aerospace/chemical ...

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  • It is no secret that the cost of goods has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Inflation has put a squeeze ...

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  • How do I make the most of a career fair? This question is a common one among those who are in college and seeking summer ...

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