Global Engineering Congress and the UN SDGs

By William Kelly posted 07-28-2018 04:40 PM

According to the ICE website In October, ICE and the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) are bringing together the worldwide community to look at how we can trigger real change and deliver the outcomes specified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   ASCE is contributing to the program and supporting implementation of the UN SDGs through its participation in AAES and the WFEO.

The Congress is organized around streams - climate, water, cities, energy, and innovation that align with the Goals 13 - climate, Goal 6 - Water, Goal 11 - Cities, Goal 7 - Energy, and Goal 9 - Infrastructure, Industry, and Innovation.

Progress on all of the Goals except Goal 13 has been reviewed at the UN and progress on Goal 13 will be reviewed in 2019 so the Congress is timely.  The completed reviews provide important background for the discussions that will take place at the Congress.

Goal 6 water - session at 2018 HLPF and video

Goal 7 energy - session at 2018 HLPF and video

Goal 9  Infrastructure, Industry, and Innovation - Session at 2017 HLPF and video

Goal 11 Cities - Session at 2018 HLPF and video