Provide Your Input to the 2019 UN Global Sustainable Development Report

By William Kelly posted 10-17-2017 12:00 PM


The UN is requesting input to the 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR). The GSDR, mandated by the United Nations’ Member States in the outcome document of the 2012 Rio + 20 conference, is meant to strengthen the science-policy interface and provide a strong evidence-based instrument to support policymakers in promoting poverty eradication and sustainable development.  

The GSDR is being drafted by an independent group of scientists (IGS), supported by a task team of six UN-system agencies. Profiles of the 15 IGS members are found here:  

As part of its outreach efforts, the IGS is soliciting inputs from a diverse group of scientific and nonscientific communities, from all over the world, in the form of publications supported by short abstracts or descriptions of case studies. Currently, we are requesting contributions in four major areas: (1) interactions among SDGs and their targets, (2) transformation pathways towards sustainable development; (3) looking beyond the SDGs (major issues identified by research which are not explicitly taken into account in the SDGs), and (4) the role of science for sustainable development. Contributions will be acknowledged in the GSDR.

You can contribute by following the link below to the questionnaire

For reference, you can find the 2016 GSDR here  along with earlier reports and some background information

Note the Deadline has been extended to February 2, 2018