How are US Cities Doing on the UN SDGs?

By William Kelly posted 09-02-2017 09:48 AM


In August, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) published its first U.S. Cities SDG Index based on the UN SDGs to some very good media coverage; the report and the supporting data can be downloaded here. The report discusses some of the challenges in developing the index and some of these will be discussed at the session on  How US Cities are Approaching the UN SDG's at the ASCE ICSI conference in October.  

Progress on the UN SDGs is measured by the UN at the country level and that database can be accessed here.    However, much if not most of the progress in meeting the SDGs must happen in cities - laboratories for sustainability - and the ICSI session will explore what seems to be working and opportunities for sharing and improvement. As background, for the session you are invited to suggest questions for the panel to address on best practices for achieving sustainability and measuring progress at the city level.