ASCE Day 2023 - November 5 - ASCE India Section Southern Region - Celebrate Civil Engineering - reg

By S. Pradeep posted 11-04-2023 05:43 AM


Dear Esteemed Members of ASCE India Section Southern Region Student Chapters,

I hope this email finds you well. As we approach the upcoming celebration of ASCE Day, it is with great pleasure that I extend this heartfelt invitation to all of you. This significant event marks the commemoration of the Society's founding on November 5, 1852, when a group of twelve distinguished engineers convened at New York City's Croton Aqueduct to establish what would eventually become the prestigious American Society of Civil Engineers. This year, we proudly celebrate ASCE's 171st anniversary, a testament to our enduring legacy in the realm of civil engineering.

We encourage you to host a variety of engaging activities, including seminars, workshops, competitions, and networking sessions, tailored to the interests and aspirations of the budding engineers in your chapter. These events can serve as platforms for knowledge sharing, professional development, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among peers. Upload event details here on or before 15.11.2023 :

 Your active participation will not only add value to the ASCE Day celebrations but will also reinforce the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines our community. Let us unite in celebrating our shared heritage and in nurturing a future generation of civil engineers who will continue to shape the world through their ingenuity and dedication.


Warm regards,



ASCE India Section Southern Region