Reasons Registered Nurses Should Pursue an MSN Course

By Lucas Murray posted 02-09-2022 12:53 AM


Nursing programs and degrees focus on developing highly qualified nurses in environments that are conducive to learning. Training is designed to provide the public with well-educated nurses who will make an impact on their particular work environment. 

There are several reasons why registered nurses should pursue an MSN course and one of them is that they will be able to have more career doors opening and being able to pursue specialties in different areas. 

You take on more responsibility

There can be no doubt about it – nurses who go on to achieve higher levels of education open up amazing job opportunities for themselves. You have more confidence as you have more responsibility. MSN degrees are useful for current RNs as they put these registered nurses in responsible roles working side by side with surgeons. 

The University of Texas at Arlington offers these RN to MSN online programs. You can choose the MSN Nurse Educator or the MSN Administration program, equipping you to be a leader in the field of nursing. Doing it online too at an accredited facility allows you to complete your clinical training in your geographical area at an accelerated pace. Their College of Nursing and Health Innovation is the registered nurse’s first step towards more responsibility, more earnings, and more satisfaction. 

Get ahead in your current work

The online MSN degree program is for those registered nurses who are currently working. Being able to complete the degree online means that many nurses are able to continue working where they are and to continue with balancing career and home responsibilities. 

When you choose an accredited MSN online degree program, you choose how quickly you want to complete it. This means you’re better able to continue working and studying while you’re building on your in-demand nursing skills and training. 

Better working hours

An MSN degree is the right way to go for any registered nurse who wants to pursue advanced practice areas. As mentioned, these MSN programs help nurses to specialize in various areas and open more career doors. Everybody wants to work for better wages and a nurse with an MSN degree can be sure of better pay.

However, the salary you get will depend on specialization and job experience. The median annual wage for MSN degree nurses is well over $110 000 in 2022. When working in such a challenging job, nurses in higher-level jobs enjoy better working hours and can often have a say in creating their schedules. 

Attractive working environments

Earning an MSN degree opens doors to perks. Often it means working in attractive office environments instead of huge un-personalized hospitals. When you earn well, there are benefits such as more pay, a stylish working environment, and other significant fringe benefits. 

Benefits differ from place to place and it’s up to each nurse practitioner to check out the pros and cons of each one. Being able to work remotely is a benefit for higher-paid nurses as well as generous health care benefits and retirement plans.

You’re filling a need

Who doesn’t like to know they’re needed. The United States is facing a massive nursing shortage and the massive aging American population needs around-the-clock medical attention. 

In the next few years, many registered nurses themselves are reaching retirement age. Many are forced to retire at age 60 or 65. With an MSN degree, a nurse can explore many of the other exciting private job opportunities there are. There are many alternative nursing opportunities that are available to older nurses holding degrees.

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