How to Prepare for an In-office Client Visit

By Lucas Murray posted 12-06-2021 08:02 PM


Whether your first priority with your office is comfort, beauty, or functionality, it needs to work for your clients. A disorganized workplace can have a negative effect on your clients but also you and your business. If you want your office to be truly productive, there are pieces of furniture that play a role in welcoming clients and there are also other aspects that show that your office is professional and orderly. 


Receive clients quickly and professionally


Yes, many people have discovered the joy of working from home. However, a home office, in spite of the casual environment, needs the right furniture and equipment to do a thorough job. Visitor management software works for large organizations and also smaller offices. Greetly is sought-after visitor management software designed to help businesses and clients benefit from fast and efficient visitor reception management. 


The software guides your visitor through the sign-in process. Safety is all-important and the system also improves the security measures of your office as it offers live reports of everyone on-site. The system streamlines the entire check-in process and reduces waiting times. It eliminates the need to have a live receptionist who sometimes can’t make it to the office. Clients love the streamlined reception process that is indicative of a well-run business in all other areas. 


Ensure ergonomically designed furniture


With any business, comfortable furniture is always a great option when thinking of clients. Whatever office you have, you should never compromise on quality and comfort. You don’t want your clients using it and then taking away their aching and stressed muscles and a headache. Ergonomics in your organization shows your company’s commitment to health and safety. 


You and your clients may require sitting a good part of the day and that means you face some health issues if your chair is ill-fitting. It is crucial to make sure that business furniture is designed to enhance your comfort. 


Incorporating ergonomics will not only ensure your productivity but your comfort and well-being will be assured as well. Clients are such a valuable asset and you want to show your appreciation of them. It’s important to create a safe, hygienic environment for your clients that leads to better relationships and cooperation. 


Customer services just common decency


All employees need to be trained that all clients are to be treated like gold from the moment they enter the facility. Customer services are hard to find these days, and yet for customers and clients, it can make or break their association with your business. and employees chewing gum, screaming at each other, and ignoring clients can be a turn-off for clients who are the lifeblood of a company. 


Even if employees don’t really have much to do with the client, they need to be helpful, friendly, and hospitable. This can make a huge difference between a client having a shoddy experience and a client feeling welcome and appreciated for what they bring to the business. 


Provide clear directions


How frustrating it is to be spinning and whirling around, hunting for some guidance as to where to go. If your clients use a public parking area, already from there, there ought to be signs guiding them on how to find you. Without guidance, it can cause so much confusion as to make a client late. 


Many might lose impatience and not bother to see you. You’ll get a message later explaining that they battled to find your premises. Proper signage is imperative, and if you can’t afford professional signage, then laminated A4 posters will do the trick.

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