Shift Focus and see others like the Oil and Gas Industry.

By Llala Chrishaye Ocampo posted 12-19-2020 12:57 AM


Maybe you are thinking about changing the focus and being open to any opportunities that will
be best suitable for you. And when you are a professional engineer it's easily overwhelmed by
these variety of opportunities and some of us wonder where do I belong? Meanwhile asking
professional engineers in my contacts about the best fields of Civil Engineering, many of these
professionals advises that every single field is a good experience, it comes to a conclusion that
it depends to:

1. Knowing your Passion.
2. Knowing your vision and mission. Own perspective of what kind of people you wanted to be
surrounded with or having the same working perspective as a company.
3. Knowing your Goals. It can be growth, proactiveness, and financial.

In my case I found the Oil and Gas Industry interesting, since before it was part of the century
industry, we can see creation and moving commodities, services, and daily needs by the help of
petroleum. Although this field specifically needs petroleum engineers, it also exceeds
extensions to other professional engineers like civil engineers. Below you can see job market for
a civil engineer and also can have interconnected with the oil and gas industry, while you can
also check the website below for other engineering job market:

Civil Designer & Drafter Jobs
Civil Engineer Jobs
Controls Engineer Jobs
Design Engineer Jobs
Designer Jobs
Drafter Jobs
Engineering Manager Jobs
Environmental Engineer Jobs
Facilities Engineer Jobs
Geotechnical Engineer Jobs
Hardware Engineer Jobs
Highway Design Engineer Jobs
Land Development Engineer Jobs
Materials Engineer Jobs
Pipeline Engineer Jobs
Piping Designer Jobs
Project Engineer Jobs
Structural Drafter Jobs
Structural Engineer Jobs
Transportation Engineer Jobs
Wastewater Engineer Jobs


And below is the overview perspectives of the structural engineering and oil/gas industry career
would involve:

To name some benefits of looking into oil and gas industry here’s the link:

I want to honor and thank my mentor Ron Boenau for also mentioning the above links and help
me to articulate about the oil and gas industry.

Civil Engineering or any other engineering firms can provide you with great opportunities. You
just needed to know yourself better, used your networks to help you, and be open-minded to
any opportunities. Maybe it is difficult to stand out because it's not our forte but then you are
good at things you definitely understand, that’s why it is important to self reflect.


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