ASCE Innovation Contest

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The ASCE Innovation Contest was developed as a part of The ASCE Grand Challenge, and is a springboard for forward-looking infrastructure ideas. The contest is an avenue to transform our nation’s infrastructure and brings together your best ideas, projects, and theories for how to build a better future. Now in its third year, the ASCE Innovation Contest has a track record of reaching a worldwide audience, delivering value to all participants, and attracting industry attention.  Be part of the movement and share your innovation.  

Why should you enter? All winners will present their ideas to and network with industry leaders at the Contest Celebration event in June 2018.  Student winners will be offered first and/or second round interviews for internship opportunities as available.  And a special note to undergraduate or graduate students, all student entries including college or university teams, ASCE Student Chapters, or an individual student entry, will be considered for the, "Best Student Innovation Award".   

What does it take to create an entry?
Complete instructions that explain how to enter and descriptions for each topic area are available for download after you create an account on the contest site.  This document provides an overview of how to create a good submittal. ElementsofaGoodContestSubmission.pdf

How to enter?  The first step is to create an account in the contest database.  Even if you have entered the contest before, you need to create a new account for the 2018 Innovation Contest. 

Click Here To Create An Account

What are the topics for 2018? The five topics for 2018 are listed below.  Participants may submit multiple entries.  Team entries are encouraged.  Each entry may be submitted for judging in up to two of the five topic areas listed below.

1.  Innovative business models (IBM)

      Some information about attracting an Angel Investor from the IBM Judging team - IBM_Angel_Investors_Final.pdf
2. The internet of things (IoT)

3. Sustainable Engineering (revised for 2018)

4. Next Generation Transportation

5. ASCE's role in Innovation -- this is the new topic category for 2018

For complete descriptions of each category, sample questions to help you develop your submission contest, instructions and a guide for creating a good submittal are available for download after you create an account in the 2018 contest system.  Creating an account will also make sure that you stay informed about special articles or other events designed to help you develop your innovative idea. For example, an updated description for the IBL topic area is now available on the contest site.  

What is the deadline to enter the 2018 ASCE Innovation Contest? Midnight March 1, 2018 is the deadline to enter the contest.  

Please contact with any questions you may have about entering the contest.

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