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Athens, GA
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Dr. Steven McCutcheon, Ph.D., P.E., F.EWRI, F.ASCE

Nat Expert, Sr Envir Engr Retired


International expert: water resources, water quality, flooding, hydrology, oil spill cleanup, hydrodynamics, coastal surge, sediment transport, toxic waste, climate change, phytoremediation, ecological, environmental and civil engr. Solves difficult problems; anticipate & define engr practice with new design, analysis procedures derived & defended in professional, policy, & legal settings. Definitively defines sci. basis for any action, settlement, or claim. Author: 3 books, 274 other publications.

Prof. leader: Sr Dir. Board Am. Soc. Civil Engr (ASCE), Pres. Am. Ecological Engr Soc., founding diplomate Am. Acad. Water Resourc. Engr, Fellow ASCE EWRI, Am. Inst. Architects Recon Team—Sri Lanka tsunami damage, ASCE team to MS Coast after hurricane Katrina.

Awards: Am. Chem. Soc. & Assoc. Air Waste Manage.—EPA Science Achievement Awards (1) Chemistry, (2) Waste Management; ASCE—Gov. Civil Engr, Torrens, Young Civil Engr in Gov., GA 2008 Civil Engr; Nat. Soc. Prof. Engr—EPA Engr of Year; EPA—2 Sci. & Tech. Achievement Awards (EPA Sci. Advis. Board), 2 bronze medals, Special Achievements: Bioremediation of EXXON VALDEZ Oil Spill, Sacramento River Chemical Spill.

Policy experience: WV Legislative Forest Management Rev. Comm. testimony, Alberta & Canada joint sci. board oil sand mining testimony, testimony cited by LA Supreme Court, Corps of Engr testimony at WI 401 Water Quality Hearing, Italian, Australian gov. briefs--sustainable haz. waste cleanup, VP Parish zoning board.

Review-advisement: Alberta Innovates, US Nat. Res. Council, Am. Acad. Environ. Engr, Intern. Res. Exchanges Board, US-Israel Binational Agri. R&D Fund, Civilian Res. Devel. Found., others. Award-winning ed. Environ. Engr, co-ed. Environ. Sci. Poll. Res.

Experience: 35 yr US Geological Survey Hydrologist, EPA Nat. Expert Sr Environ. Engr; pioneer in sustainable phytoremediation, ecological engr; 1st demo oil spill bioremedaition; author, editor EPA total waste load guidance; $6 m res. support.


Vanderbilt University
Doctor of Philosophy, 1979
To 1979

Vanderbilt University
Master of Science, 1977
To 1977

Auburn University
Bachelor of Science, 1975
To 1975

Professional Associations

American Ecological Engineering Society
2000 - 2015

Job History

University of Georgia
Adjunct Prof, Faculty Engr, Faculty Environ Ethics
January 1989 - present

Hydrologic and Environmental Engineering
January 1985 - present

US EPA National Exposure Research Lab
National Expert & Sr Environmental Engineer retired
January 1986 - May 2013

Former Director
Reston, VA, United States
October 2004 - October 2007

Clemson University
Assistant Professor, Research Professor
January 1990 - January 2000

US Geological survey
Research Hydrologist
October 1977 - January 1986

Honors and Awards

Civil Engineer of the Year

Ecologist of the Year—Ecological Engineering
Moscow State University, Russia

Engineer of the Year in Government
Georgia Engineering Alliance, Engineers Week Awards Committee

Engineer of the Year in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Society of Professional Engineers

Georgia Section award for presidential leadership

Lifetime Achievement in Engineering
Georgia EWEEK Committee

Membership Chair

National Technical Council Award, 1st Class
National Environmental Protection Agency, Peoples Republic of China

Presidents Award
ASCE Georgia Section (ASCE GA)


U.S. EPA Science Achievement Award in Chemistry
American Chemical Society and U.S. EPA

U.S. EPA Science Achievement Award in Hazardous Waste Management
Air and Waste Mgmt. Assn.

Young Civil Engineer of the Year Zone II