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    Posted 10-27-2015 05:27 PM

    I’m excited to share a new program we are launching at the EWRI Congress in 2016.   We’d like everyone to participate!

     The "ASK ME” program is a fun and easy way to encourage informal networking at the ASCE EWRI Congress. Participants in the "ASK ME”  program wear ribbons that say "ASK ME about _____" on their name tags (similar to the member/presenter/moderator ribbons).  Participants will fill in the blank on some item they are willing to chat about, markers will be provided at registration. Congress attendees are encouraged to approach anyone with an "ASK ME" ribbon and engage them in conversation about their work, background, EWRI, or other professional interests. 

     This program will benefit new professionals attending the congress as experienced attendees share conference tips, professional advice, and fun stories of engineering. If you are willing to accept this invitation to participate in the “ASKME” program at the congress in 2016, please let Cidney Jones (cjscanlon31@...) know and we'll make sure your “ASK ME” tag is waiting for you with your registration materials.

    Cidney Jones A.M.ASCE