Managing Teams in the “New Normal”

Leading Teams and Fostering Relationships in a Virtual Environment

What challenges do teams face as they manage projects virtually?


The Not-So-Simple Return to the Civil Engineering Office

There is no way around it – the coronavirus is scary, scary stuff. So, one of the most challenging aspects of returning to in-person work is the management of different employees’ different levels of fear and keeping everyone safe.


“We’ve got a very wide range,” said Joe DiPompeo, whose company, Structural Workshop LLC, has two offices and about 10 employees. “I’ve got young guys who could care less and are going about their business like nothing’s going on. And I’ve got older people that are high-risk who are terrified to even leave the house.”


Managing a Multidisciplinary Team

Check out these ideas on how to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams.


Transitioning into a Management Role Smoothly

Haven’t transitioned into management yet? Here are some tips on how to make the transition smoothly.  


3 Keys to Leading Teams

Check out these keys to managing a virtual team.

Managing Teams in the "New Normal"

  • 1.  Managing Teams in the "New Normal"

    Posted 06-15-2020 05:34 PM
    Managing teams has never been easy, but in the current climate it has gotten even harder. ASCE has created this resource page to help you during these difficult times. Please post any questions in this thread!

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