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Eng. Jhon Alexander Grajales, A.M.ASCE

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Eng. Jhon Grajales, A.M.ASCE

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Posted By Jhon Grajales 01-19-2020 09:33 PM
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Hi Justin, There's a strategy that I've been using during my professional and academic life which is to re-calculate everything before I send it to any stakeholder. Another thing that I used to do is based on the numbers I mentally compute the numbers after I end up my task and see if it is approximate ...
Posted By Jhon Grajales 01-18-2020 09:36 PM
Found In Egroup: Career By Design
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Hi guys, I hope everything is going great for you! Currently, I'm studying for a master's degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the National University of Colombia, the issue is that I have to make a research and present a document called thesis at the end of my career. Right now I have much confusion ...