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    Posted 07-08-2020 08:49 AM
    I am an undergraduate student from a developing country. How can a student like me start research activities from zero level? Is there any scope in ASCI to find a research team to get me started?

    Alok Sharma S.M.ASCE

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    Posted 07-09-2020 09:40 AM

    Hi Alok,

    I don't know if the same is also applicable to your country and University. But during my undergraduate studies, research activity is usually done either as part of 

    a) Student Activities/Competition/Undergraduate Fellowship
    b) Capstone Project (either for degree or a class)

    Both requires the student to have the 'idea'/'topic' first, and then finding a faculty to act as an advisor. As far as I know, undergraduate student does not conduct an 'independent' research that isn't related to both point A and B. 

    I hope it helps.

    Danny Gho Aff.M.ASCE

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    Posted 07-09-2020 09:41 AM
    Hello Alok,

    That's great you want to explore the field of research. I would say that the first step to get involved in research is by talking to your college professors. Ask about their research projects and, if there is something you may be interested, ask if you could participate in the project. You can also start reading about the topics that are of you interest. As a student member, you have access to all the ASCE journals. The journals are a great way to keep up-to-date with research trends, and this may also help you to narrow your interests. Finally, if research is the route you want to go, you can start looking at graduate programs and professors/researchers you would like to work with.

    I hope you find this useful, and coming from a developing country as well, I can tell that even though our countries may have a lot of limitations, there are lot of opportunities to have an impact as engineers, and doing research is a way to do that.

    Camilo Torres C.Eng, EIT, M.ASCE

  • 4.  RE: Research

    Posted 07-13-2020 08:57 AM
    Hi Alok,

    Being an undergrad student in a developing country, I can understand your state of mind! Firstly, like Mr. Torres has mentioned, ASCE journals are a good place to go and explore your interests.
    If you're a sophomore or a junior level student, the best thing to do is sit alone and think deeply which of the courses you've done has interested you a lot, you can select a couple of them maybe related to concrete or environmental or whatever. As a next step, meet the instructor of those respective courses, explaining them why you are inclined towards those courses and asking them what you can do to indulge in exploring so and so topic in depth. Most of the professors are kind to allow you to work on a research project with them, or they might suggest any competition or a project you can take part of. This approach will present you with lot many opportunities.
    You might find it hard to understand research literature but once you break them down with the help of an experienced researcher so I strongly advise you to do the following:
    1. Explore journals and coursework you've done
    2. Find why those journals / coursework fascinated you
    3. Meet the professors explaining your interests and ask them how you can contribute to the research
    4. After the opportunities presented by the professors, decide what's best for you or go with your gut instincts.
    The most important thing in this process is HAVE FUN in every step!
    (P. S. : I'm currently a senior undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad)

    - Dhanush Sahasra

    Dhanush Sahasra Bejjarapu S.M.ASCE