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  • 1.  Online Student Networking Advice

    Posted 04-09-2021 06:56 PM
    Please let me know what you believe to be the best action steps for an online engineering student to build their network virtually through online communities like ASCE. All responses are much appreciated.

    John Schwartz
    Liberty University Civil Engineering Student

  • 2.  RE: Online Student Networking Advice

    Posted 04-10-2021 11:13 PM
    I would start asking a lot of questions (courses, soft skills, career path, etc.) and share things/projects that you are passionate about to help not only you but also other fellow students.

    Tung Nguyen, PhD
    Water Resources Engineer
    Sacramento, CA

  • 3.  RE: Online Student Networking Advice

    Posted 04-12-2021 04:08 PM
    Hey John,

    I am an engineering student also, though a much older one with field experience. I have found it useful to contact P.E. licensed members of the field you would like to end up in. 
    Schedule meetings with them to inquire about their life in the field of study. When you find one that you feel comfortable with ask them if they will mentor you. Two big things here. First, ask about courses that make you marketable to that field of study. You maybe surprised that courses you would never think to take will be suggested. The second, follow through, just like an interview make contact again to say thank you.  

    Good Luck!

    Christopher Van Horn S.M.ASCE
    Civil Engineering Student 2022
    Iowa City IA

  • 4.  RE: Online Student Networking Advice

    Posted 04-14-2021 10:15 AM
    Hello Jhon,

    One method for networking is to attend virtual lectures, seminars, or discussions and follow up with the engineer presenting thanking them for their time and ask a few questions. This is a great way to initiate a discussion and connection. Another method is to reply to other threads on ASCE collaborate and connect with engineers who are active on this platform.

    In general, don't be shy about reaching out to more senior engineers. We have all been a student once in our lives so we can relate to your experience.

    Best of luck,

    Daniel Bressler EIT, A.M.ASCE
    Structural Engineer
    Brooklyn NY