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  • 1.  How networking works in new normal?

    Posted 01-21-2022 04:25 PM
    Building a network for your career and whatsoever like professional affiliation got easier and make possible by the internet. However, during face to face, this is more easier to many as well because you can connect with them directly. We have different ideas on how we build our own network of people and have various reasons why we do so. 

    For you guys; students, instructors, and other profession; Why it's important for you to have a network? How do you build or make your networks during the face to face and with this new normal? How networking build your career development? And for students what is your point of view in networking? Or how do you build your networks with your professors to help you in your career? If you do so, please share with us, and happy to read it folks.

    Llala Chrishaye Ocampo S.M.ASCE
    City of General Trias Cavite

  • 2.  RE: How networking works in new normal?

    Posted 01-23-2022 10:26 AM
    I am looking forward to the feedback. Are there protocols or rules for professional virtual networking? I use LinkedIn but my connections are limited to individuals I know personally, alumni and students (same major) from my university. Given the potential to connect with others within my network, I protect my LinkedIn connections by being selective. My goal for networking is to assist in any way professionally possible. We did not have that when I first entered the workplace. 
    They say there are six degrees of separation. Given the reach of this virtual age, it has to be smaller by now. Throughout a professional career and a  personal life, we need references or even referrals. When it comes to employment, a reference from the right person may open a door or elevate your profile in the sea of profiles. Everyone is looking to stand out, the broader your network, the greater chance that your message will reach the ears of decision makers. In my day, we were told to stand out by placing our cv/resumes on high quality paper, placing something in bold, or mailing the cv/resume in the express mail envelope. Times have changed.

    James Williams P.E., M.ASCE
    POA&M Structural Engineering, PLC
    Yorktown, VA