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  • 1.  Engineering YouTube Channel Recommendations

    Posted 10-19-2023 12:00 PM

    I was curious if anyone follows any channels on YouTube that are related to engineering concepts. Feel free to bring up channels that are tangentially related to engineering as well. 

    I think the one of the best examples of this is the channel Practical Engineering. Most everyone has likely heard of it by now, but if you haven't, the host Grady covers a wide variety of engineering topics. Recently he got to partner with an active construction site to cover all of the details related to the construction of a pump station expansion project. If I were a professor I would absolutely be showing this to my students. 

    Christopher Seigel P.E., M.ASCE
    Civil Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Engineering YouTube Channel Recommendations

    Posted 10-20-2023 11:07 AM

    Yeah, his is by far the best for the Civil Engineer in my opinion.

    A similar one that is more specifically for the CivE is City Beautiful.

    If you have an interest in Automotive items at all, Engineering Explained is really good. There's a lot of physics and equations in his and gives you a better understanding and appreciation for those things we use several times a day and just take for granted.

    General physics and science both Veritasium and Real Engineering have one that is occasionally worth the watch for me.

    Also, I think all of these are on Nebula for those who are looking for a YouTube alternative.

    Craig Smallegan P.E., M.ASCE
    Senior Structural Engineer
    Leesburg IN

  • 3.  RE: Engineering YouTube Channel Recommendations

    Posted 10-20-2023 11:07 AM

    Practical Engineering is THE BEST. I learn so much about other areas of Civil Engineering besides my own from his channel. And he's super talented at explaining all of it too.

    A few others I have followed off and on that have some good content:

    Brendan Hasty - Australian SE - https://www.youtube.com/@BrendanHasty

    Mat Picardal - California SE - https://www.youtube.com/@MatPicardal

    Anthony Fasano's Pass the PE Exam channel - https://www.youtube.com/@PassthePEExam

    Other great engineering/science channels I really enjoy:

    Veritasium - https://www.youtube.com/@veritasium

    SmarterEveryDay - https://www.youtube.com/@smartereveryday

    Samuel Steiner EI, A.M.ASCE
    Structural Designer
    Peoria, IL

  • 4.  RE: Engineering YouTube Channel Recommendations

    Posted 11-14-2023 07:34 PM

    I'm definitely a fan of Practical Engineering. 

    I like Andrew Millison - though his stuff is more related to landscape architecture and permaculture. I do like his pond and swale designs and his approach to ecologically beneficial site design. 

    CrashCourse has a playlist on the topic of Engineering. I have it saved but haven't watched it yet, so I can't speak to the quality. 

    Undecided with Matt Ferrell isn't an engineering channel, per say, but he touches a lot on renewable power generation and other technologies that I find incredibly interesting and I figure other engineers might also find interesting. 

    Not Just Bikes talks a lot about transportation and planning that I think civil engineers, particularly transportation engineers and site designers should listen to. His focus is on public transit, pedestrian & biking infrastructure. His positions are a refreshing take that goes against the car-centric transportation we're used to. 

    Alan Fisher is another person speaking on the topic of public transportation & planning. Lot's of great content there. 

    Strong Towns might be a channel that municipal engineers would find interesting. Again, there's a lot of crossover with the planning profession, but there's still a wealth of information that engineers may want to stay informed on. 

    Those are some of my go-to channels!

    -Cody Obropta, P.E.

    Cody Obropta P.E., M.ASCE
    Environmental Engineer
    Bangor ME

  • 5.  RE: Engineering YouTube Channel Recommendations

    Posted 11-16-2023 08:04 AM

    Thanks Cody! Appreciate the list!

    Christopher Seigel P.E., M.ASCE
    Civil Engineer