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  • 1.  Application of NAFEN

    Posted 10-07-2019 12:59 PM
    Hello everyone,
    The field of nanocomposites has done tremendous research interests in recent years and its application in civil engineering as reinforcement on concrete has opened a wide range of research prospects among the researchers in developed nations. These composites have enhanced mechanical properties when reinforced with concrete and have the potential to be used as reinforcing bars.

    I found one interesting topic regarding one nano material which is NAFEN, alumina nano fibers. Its applications are really very interesting.

    What are your views on alumina nano fibers? Can they be used to improve the mechanical properties in structural applications better than carbon fibers or other composites?

    Have a check to the below link.
    ANF Technology
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    ANF Technology
    We are working hard on developing new features of "Nafen" products
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    Sagar Shekhar Tripathy S.M.ASCE
    Undergraduate 3rd year student in Civil Engineering
    Bhubaneswar OR