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Water Swirled Gas Turbine Technology
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Mr. Len Andersen, A.M.ASCE

Water Swirled Gas Turbine Technology

Bio /  In New York City area. +20 yrs experience focus welding . Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Tech Leonard M. Andersen Engineer AWS CWI ( Certified Welding Inspector ) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] has search capability POB 1529 New York, New York 10116 ( +$1400 per year Caller Box ) 914-536-7101 Cell Phone / 914-237-7689 Home / 800-428-4801 46 Alexander Avenue Yonkers NY 10704 June 10, 2021 Sir, 89% efficiency on electrical generation which is beyond 63% of conventional combined cycle gas turbine systems at a lower capital cost than other systems on natural gas is what I heard of my patented technology. Ready to meet you at my expense ! How might I do you good ? - Say about my three patents which I have that I heard can give New tech for coal fired controlling particulate matter with 5-10% more fuel efficiency. - Make a presentation about my technology - Meet with you. You say when where I am there at my expense. - Tell you about TurboExpo virtue June 7 - 10 wish I was on lining event ( attended said events from 2014 on ) and the WPC 23 covering as a media again a World Petroleum Congress WPC Houston that is happening December 5-9, 2021. I spent more than a year in Houston - Talk intellectual properties. I have 11 patents. - Investment input I am a registered rep ( stock broker ) with +20 years near NYSE ( mostly as an engineer ) ! - See you at a technical event. -Hear input on my new suppressing impersonation ! My current focus is fuel saving , pollution reduction in boilers , internal combustion engines and new combine cycle gas turbine tech ! I have three patents with plus 5% fuel saving with boilers , internal combustion engines and 12 -35% fuel saving with gas turbines electrical generation and aircraft use. The basis of such is covered in US Patents 8,671,696 , 9,376,933 and Ap 20170306843 "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INCREASING USEFUL ENERGY/THRUST OF A GAS TURBINE ENGINE BY ONE OR MORE ROTATING FLUID MOVING (AGITATOR) PIECES DUE TO FORMATION OF A DEFINED STEAM REGION" currently being examined by the USPTO. Hope to all is well and look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely --- Len Andersen
Resume Leonard M. Andersen -Engineer CWI - Certified Welding Inspector - Construction Project Manager - [email protected] ( HP SecureMail voltage connected ) POB 1529 New York, NY 10116 ( $+1299 per year Caller Box ) 914-536-7101 Cell Phone / 914-237-7689 Home / 800-428-4801 - home 46 Alexander Av , Yonkers ,NY
Welding Inspector CWI Engineer - Since August 2014 Buildings Shops Etc.
Journalist - World Petroleum Congress Moscow June 2014
Istanbul July 2017
Construction Project Manager - Engineer 2000 to May 2014 - Welding Man at NYCDOT Division of Bridges - Review of drawings of bridges, field inspection of bridges, doing inspection at the facilities that produced heavy welded and bolted steel assemblies for bridges. The projects which are participated in were in the range from 100 to 700 million USD. Last 14 years I have spoken Chinese every day at work. Worked in Spanish language in Mexico, Spain etc., and Arabic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for near a year,. Journalism, I covered the World Petroleum Congress events Russia 2014 as an accredited journalist. My patents are five welding, two in petroleum, one in lubrication, one issued ( 8,671,696 ) and one allowed and one provisional in Gas Turbine Technology. ( Total 11) . Active in NYC Civil Engineers Society & ASME .
SEC Registered Representative ( Stock Broker) Qualified Security Training Corporation NYC trained
BSChE ( BS of Chemical Engineering ), University of Arizona, Tucson
Marine Diving Diploma , School of Oceaneering , Wilmington
US Army Engineering School
Associates of Applied Science in Chemical Technology​​