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Seeking session sponsor for EWRI 2017

  • 1.  Seeking session sponsor for EWRI 2017

    Posted 07-10-2016 09:45 AM

    Hello Everyone, 

    Would anyone be interested in sponsoring the following session for EWRI 2017: 

    Fostering Flood Resilience in the Coastal Zone: Risk Assessment and Adaptive Responses

    In the coastal zone, urban flood risk assessment is complicated by the increasing frequency of tropical storms, the interaction of multiple flood drivers, and uncertain sea level rise projections.  However, powerful new modeling tools are emerging to characterize coastal flood risk in a changing climate.  Despite these new tools, communication of model output remains a serious challenge.  The uncertainty and complexity of modeling products can lead to skepticism, further suppressing the implementation of already cost-prohibitive resilience measures.  The goal of this session is to discuss emerging modeling tools for coastal flood risk assessment, the representation and communication of model output, and successful implementations of model informed resilience measures.  Specifically, papers will focus on

    • Experimental and applied methods for urban flood risk assessment in the coastal zone, with an emphasis on novel stochastic techniques and urban hydraulic models
    • Representation of uncertainty in coastal flood hazard mapping and communication
    • Proposed or implemented resilience measures and the process by which measures were informed by modeling products

    Please let me know ASAP as today is the last day to submit proposals.  I can be reach by phone at 937-602-5879 or email at aluke1@....  Thanks, 

    Adam Luke

    Adam Luke A.M.ASCE
    Newport Beach CA