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  • I know those data is available in your locals for the projects, specifically called the surveying and mapping (topography, geology, weather) data from companies, institution, laboratories, etc. and they are for sale. Maybe you can check your locals if ...

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  • Hi Sayed,  It sounds like you're working on some really interesting stuff. I wish I had something helpful to share with you, but your project is pretty far outside of my area of knowledge. I know in the USA, its possible to get the weather data that ...

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  • Hello everyone! I would like to have hydrological modeling to analyze the effects of climate change in a glacierized region that is extremely vulnerable to temperature rise. I have prepared the precipitation and Max & Min air temperature considering RCP4.5 ...

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  • Hi Barbara/Catherine: I get the sense that you are just wading into the waters of on-site wastewater and treatment disposal.  There are a variety of Onsite septic systems designs and they can fail in a variety of ways.  So on the surface, your question ...

  • This is interesting, only from a personal perspective on my own septic system for my home.... Sorry for the long story but I was having trouble with my septic system which started (actually stopped flowing out) filling up my septic tank after ...

  • Ms. Whitten: Is your inquiry about how the elements of the septic system fail (e.g., leach field) or instead about how this filtration process fails to ensure that household chemicals are not prevented from entering shallow groundwater? Rick Principal ...

  • I have done a research on related topic which unravels the negligence behind the design processes, infiltration of wastewater to groundwater table, zero concern to maintenance and a systematic approach to the design of onsite disposal system.  ------------------------------ ...

  • There was a report before the pandemic about an ocean turbine that used wave energy to produce electricity. Two guys in the pacific northwest won a competition.  Why not follow up on that? Where is the prototype? Who has invested in the award winning ...

  • I have an idea I wish we could make happen with regards to generating solar power from a residential homesite.  Instead of the minimum panels to help offset the cost, why not cover the roof with as many as structurally possible, with enough batteries ...

  • Hi, I am looking an idea to do a project related to environmental engineering and energy. anyone have any idea about this topics.  Thanks ------------------------------ Md. Titumir Hasan Aff.M.ASCE Workshop Maintenance Engineer Sylhet -------------- ...


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    Join COPRI's Coastal Engineering Sciences Committee on December 15 from 12-1 PM EST for our next FREE Lunch & Learn. Dr. Amanda Tritinger from USACE's Engineering With Nature program presents, "The Engineering With Nature Program: An innovative USACE research and application initiative."