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  • Upon checking on google search "Failing Onsite Septic Systems Research" I found articles but I recommend the PDF files like the following: Frontiers in assessing septic systems vulnerability in coastal Georgia, USA The spatial relationship between ...

  • I am seeking information on failing onsite septic systems.  Any suggestions on available research? This query is being posted for Catherine Flowers. ------------------------------ Barbara Whitten A.M.ASCE Technical Manager Manassas VA ------------- ...

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  • Thank you for the informative article, Chris. It appears that wastewater results are not necessarily a leading indicator, and vary depending on vaccination rates, how variants shed, and the progression to disease of a variant. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Tsee, A colleague of mine shared this with me from the Philadelphia Water Department. Perhaps you will find it interesting as well. ...

  • Dear Tsee, We have a Global Science Exchange session on Trends in Wastewater-Based Epidemiology: Current Uses and Future Opportunities. You can join us to learn about the latest research on the topic and further discussion.  More info: ...

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  • No ! Might be artesian undersea wells that could get fresh water to shore . Believe such is happening in Saudi Arabia . ------------------------------ Len Andersen - Water Swirled into Gas Turbine Tech - Engineer - Power Gen - Propulsion Welding -- ...

  • Hi, I am currently undertaking a part-time degree course and for my final year dissertation, I am looking at methods of planning and scheduling works where workability and weather events, storms, wave and water levels are a key consideration. The study ...

  • Further to Sarah's – pore water pressure caused on permeable shores by wave, tide and sea level rise ( as a stress, aspects of it in Sea Level Rise – the Consequences and Adaptation ) can be of interest. The rising and falling pore pressures are the ...

  • Hi Karen,  We have been able to successfully use ICPR 4 in larger watersheds up to about 5 SM that were both urbanized and undeveloped. Our experience with large urbanized watersheds has found that calibrating the model stability parameters can be challenging ...

  • Has anyone had much experience in using ICPR 4.0 in modeling watersheds as large as 7 SM? We have used ICPR very successfully in smaller watersheds, but are curious about other users experience in larger watersheds. ------------------------------ Karen ...


  • MARAD Office of Ports & Waterways Programs and Resources Briefing

    Join us today, from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EST for a #free #webinar brought to you by the COPRI Asset Management Task Committee. Travis Black and Kirk C. will be leading a discussion on Maritime Administration's Office of Ports & Waterways programs and resources. Registration is open now!
  • Introduction to Port Engineering Guided Online Course

    Led by practicing engineers who are leading experts in their fields, ASCE Guided Online Courses will hone your technical skills and help you move ahead in your career.

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  • COPRI Free Webinar

    Join COPRI's Coastal Engineering Sciences Committee on December 15 from 12-1 PM EST for our next FREE Lunch & Learn. Dr. Amanda Tritinger from USACE's Engineering With Nature program presents, "The Engineering With Nature Program: An innovative USACE research and application initiative."
  • Roundtable discussion hosted by ICSI

    There will also be a discussion at COP26 presenting the recent collaborative partnership between NOAA and ASCE that is related to the discussion hosted by ICSI.

    To learn more about the partnership between NOAA, ASCE and the University of Maryland, you can tune into a virtual panel discussion at COP26 on Tuesday, November 9, from 1 PM to 2 PM ET/ 6 PM to 7 PM GMT. The panel, Building Better Together: Partnerships to Advance Climate Resilience, will include NOAA's Rick Spinrad, as well as representatives from ASCE, non-profit partners and the engineering industry. It will be moderated by the University of Maryland's Bilal Ayyub. The NOAA-hosted panel will be live-streamed on the official COP26 U.S. Center YouTube channel. Go online for a full schedule of events and panels at the U.S. Center at COP26.