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Fire ants in bioretention basin
10 yesterday by Abtin Shahrokh Hamedani
Climate change and Water Resources
2 14 days ago by Ebissa Gadissa
Environmental Impact Assessment and climate change
0 29 days ago by Ebissa Gadissa
Mitigation of Climate Change
7 one month ago by Sarah Simon
Original post by Bevin Beaudet
Intersection between Civil Engineering and LEED principles
2 2 months ago by Philip Maldonado
Original post by Glenn Moglen
Private On-Site Grinder Pump Guidance
1 4 months ago by Kenneth Wolfe
Original post by Jeff Werst
Soluble Fluoro Carbons !
2 5 months ago by Llala Chrishaye Ocampo
Original post by Len Andersen
2021 COPRI Awards Recognition
0 5 months ago by Sean Herpolsheimer
Mosquitoes in underground infiltration chambers
1 5 months ago by Andrew Potts
Original post by Bert Van Duin
New waste material
3 6 months ago by Oanh Le
Original post by Sina Lotfollahi
Guidance request regarding replacement of pumps on overall efficiency
3 7 months ago by Michael Bloom
Original post by Syed Alvi
How individuals should address the problem of polluted water shed or water basin?
1 7 months ago by Thomas Chase
Original post by Llala Chrishaye Ocampo
Mannings Roughness Coefficient (n) for Woods (Light Underbrush vs. Dense Underbrush)
7 9 months ago by Therese Baer
Original post by Christopher Cloutet
Information Technology in Water Engineering
2 10 months ago by Zahra Maleki Shahraki
free webinar "ASCE's Newest Sustainability and Resilience Resources"
0 11 months ago by Denise Nelson
iPhone12 LiDAR scanner for hydrology
6 11 months ago by Brian Marshall
Original post by Natalya Sokolovskaya
Career advancement in environmental management/engineering
2 one year ago by Dhanya K R
Stormwater as a resource
24 one year ago by Dwayne Culp
Original post by Natalya Sokolovskaya
Riverine and estuary dredging "entity" model
3 one year ago by Dilip Barua
Original post by Denise Nelson
Countrywide weather/climate map development using the Stalker method
0 one year ago by James Stalker
LID/GI Incentives
8 one year ago by Maria Price
Original post by Kaylyn Hudson
ASTM Stnds on Stormwater Controls
0 one year ago by Michael Bloom
Tracking Coronavirus in Wastewater
3 one year ago by Gregory Scott
Original post by Chad Morrison
NEPA Rollback - Implications Good or Bad?
3 one year ago by Dudley McFadden
Original post by Mitchell Winkler
Resources for teaching water resources engineering
10 one year ago by Gina Beim
4 one year ago by Agomuo Akachukwu Chibueze
Original post by Ziaul Rehman Siddiqui
What software do you use for 'engineering'?
6 one year ago by Varshini Reddy
Original post by John Brindley
Social Impacts of Green Stormwater Infrastructure
9 one year ago by Maria Price
Original post by Vinicius Taguchi
Food waste & Composting opportunities
2 one year ago by Oanh Le
Environmental Engineers' Response to COVID-19
8 one year ago by Oanh Le
Original post by Lauren Redfern
Collaborative development of online education resources: VIRTUAL HACKATHON & WORKSHOP WITH HYDROLEARN
0 one year ago by Emad Habib
How do you make the environmental case for sustainable infrastructure?
0 one year ago by Denise Nelson
Locally-manufactured Runza car in South Africa
1 one year ago by Vinicius Taguchi
Original post by Rolan Duvvury
10 State Standards & Individual Residential Pumps
7 one year ago by Richard Williams
Modeling 2D area connections in HECRAS
2 2 years ago by Maegan Nunley
Original post by Mark Wilsnack
Vertical separation distance between gas line and potable water main
8 2 years ago by Maria Price
Original post by Tsungchu Chien
Knocking of Rising Seas in Higher Frequencies
3 2 years ago by Dilip Barua
Scour- Thoughts on Lacey, Blench, and Neill equations?
4 2 years ago by Richard Evans
Upcoming Fish Passage Webinar Dec 5 Webinar at Noon Eastern
4 2 years ago by Ziaul Haider
Original post by Mark Killgore
Civil Engineering Project
5 2 years ago by Maria Price
Original post by Asaad Biqai
UN Sustainable Development Goal #9 - are we measuring the right things?
0 2 years ago by Martin Rowland
Standard of Care for Drainage and Floodplain Planning and Design?
19 2 years ago by Vinicius Taguchi
Original post by Michael Bloom
Pathogens in the Water Supply
15 2 years ago by James Mackie
Original post by Barbara Whitten
Doctors Lake Phosphorus Removal Pilot Project Groundbreaking Ceremony
7 2 years ago by William Lucas
Original post by Marcus Quigley
Landscape architecture
4 2 years ago by Eric Loucks
Original post by Christopher Dzidek
Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control of Stormwater Measures
0 2 years ago by Kerem Gungor
Environmental Impact Studies
4 2 years ago by Lynne Baker
Original post by Oumar Maiga
Water Audit and Water Neutrality procedures
2 2 years ago by Yv Mallikarjuna Reddy
Vertical vessels post installed adhesive anchors
1 2 years ago by Andres Guzman
Original post by Orin Ortego
Flash flooding
4 2 years ago by Robert Hackman
Original post by William Forbes