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EWRI Collaborate and Social Media


Dear ASCE-EWRI Members:

We hope you have had a chance to explore EWRI’s new website EWRI COLLABORATE and find it to be a useful tool to share knowledge and collaborate with your fellow water resources and environmental professionals.  EWRI COLLABORATE provides a platform for discussion called an Open Forum, as well as blogs, links to upcoming events, links to relevant news stories, and access for EWRI members to a library of resources such as presentations and other products.  EWRI COLLABORATE provides linkage to multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and Linked In.  Linked In profile information can be imported into your EWRI COLLABPORATE profile with just a few clicks. 

EWRI COLLABORATE is much more than a social media site, however.  It provides access to the collective expertise and knowledge of the EWRI membership, both for EWRI members and non-members.   Questions on the open forum can be asked by anyone in the general public, and responses are provided by our qualified and credentialed professional EWRI members.  Often with social media, questions are asked and responses given, however the questions may be outside the scope of the organization or answers may come from those who are not qualified to provide technical advice.  This site is intended to be a trusted source of information, endorsed by ASCE-EWRI, to benefit our membership and the public. We hope that you will find it to be a valuable resource.


John Weiland, P.E., M. ASCE

EWRI Communications Council Chair
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06-05-2015 04:51 PM

The ASCE/EWRI standards committees have been told to get their eRooms ready by 19 June 2015 with all material to be Transferred to EWRI Collaborate and that has almost been accomplished by putting Copy Links of those folders in a folder named COLLABORATE. Hopefully EWRI staff can get things moved as folders to EWRI Collaborate in order that No Loss towards publication of updates to the 20 or more ASCE/EWRI standards (some mandatory and some non-mandatory) exists in June-July 2015.