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Water and Wastewater

I believe it is wonderful that ASCE has now created this forum for exchanges of information and ideas among its members. 

For several years now, as a retired Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, I have contributed what I hoped were useful educational materials to the American Chemical Society member's blog. Entitled 'water and wastewater slide shows', this often whimsical material has been freely distributed to all those interested in the technology - and history - of what was once known as 'sanitary engineering'

It is my hope that some of my CE colleagues may also find these materials useful and, possibly, even worthy of correction.

John T. O'Connor
Columbia, Missouri

ACS: Water and Wastewater Slide Shows (March, 2014)

Water Chemistry

Water Softening by Precipitation with Lime

Drinking Water Filtration: Replacement of GAC Caps at Bloomington, Illinois

Taste and Odor Control at Bloomington, Illinois

What we can’t (or shouldn’t) put into our  Sanitary Sewerage Systems

Anthropogenic Global Warming

A Drinking Water Supply Manifesto


Control of Nitrification in a Water Distribution System

Air-Assisted Filter Backwash (Air Scour)

Virus in Water Supplies

Chlorine vs. Chloramine

Drinking Water Process Performance Evaluations

Total Organic Carbon - Health Effects

Total Organic Carbon Removal

Total Organic Carbon

My Kitchen Tap versus My Refrigerator Dispenser

Pharmaceuticals in Water and Wastewater

Wastewater Reclamation, Recovery and Reuse

Methane in Ground Water

Arsenic in Drinking Water

A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal-and its possible future.

A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 2: Toilets

A Brief History of Human Waste Management - Part 3: Sewerage

A History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 4. Sewage Treatment

A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal-Part 5. Wastewater Treatment

A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 6. The Future

The Story of Bottled Water

Household Electrical Energy Usage

Stream Biomonitoring 

Sustainability for Water Systems

Pit Happens: Copper Corrosion in Household Plumbing

Steps towards Sustainability