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Eng. Sanjay Meena


Sanjay Meena
Civil Engineer

I have worked on road projects as a civil engineer. Having a good experience on a contractual roads and other construction projects. Along with that I have a good idea on team management and Worked with cross- functional teams to deliver work on time and within. I also have a capability of managing the operations of the bank.I can supervise a particular department efficiently .I can communicate to the customer making them satisfying with the workdone along with a good relationship.I know the basic technique of using a computer. Proficient in the execution of any program with limited sources.ue of using a computer. Proficient in the execution of any program with limited sources.


Civil Engineer
At Jmkcc Construction
12/2017 – 07/2018
(A pwd construction Company having Govt AA class registration of pwd Contractor.)

- Road Pavement Construction Knowledge
- Project management
- Road and other Construction Project Completion on  
- Quantity Measurement

- Computer Knowledge
- MS Office Knowledge
- Work Contracts and Tendering
- Project management
- Financial Management
- Team Management

Full Professional Proficiency

Full Professional Proficiency


- Management
- Research on innovation
- Experimental
- Construction Projects
- Writing New things

1. Bachelor of Technology
       08/2014 – 07/2018
     Course - Civil Engineering

2. Master of Technology
             08/2018 – 07/2020
    Course -  Transportation Engineering