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  • Supplement 2 for ASCE/SEI 7-22, Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings

    This supplement to ASCE/SEI 7-22 is a significant revision of the design provisions in Chapter 5 to strengthen building resilience against the flood hazard. 

    The primary technical updates relative to climate impacts include a new requirement tying flood hazard mitigation design to Risk Category, which is consistent with other environmental hazards in ASCE 7. There are four categories from which a building designer can select based on the intended use of the structure, ranging from the least risk to human life in the event of failure in Risk Category I structures to the greatest risk to human life in the event of failure in Risk Category IV structures. The new provisions require Risk Category II structures and above to use the 500-year floodplain to determine flood loads. Risk Category II structures, the most commonly used category, include one- and two-family buildings, low to medium occupancy businesses, or recreational facilities. Risk Category I structures, including agricultural buildings such as barns and sheds, could still follow 100-year flood provisions.

  • Standard for Mitigation of Disproportionate Collapse Potential in Buildings and Other Structures

    Blue and green cover image of Standard ASCE/SEI 76-23

    ASCE/SEI 76-23, provides a consensus perspective for mitigating disproportionate collapse. It describes minimum requirements for planning, assessment, analysis, material selection, design and detailing, construction, and qualification testing to mitigate disproportionate collapse of new and existing buildings and other structures.

  • Thursdays @ 3 - Maintaining personal crisis while maintaining work productivity

    ASCE will bring together a panel of civil engineering leaders to share insights and answer questions on a variety of topics. Every Third Thursday at 3 p.m. EDT, ASCE will host a virtual roundtable on a new topic.

    On May 18th, we’ll discuss "Managing personal crisis while maintaining work productivity." Bring your questions. Get to know each other. Share your expertise.

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