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Alvaro Villamizar-C, P.E., M.ASCE


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More than four years ago, Bogota, the capital city of Colombia has a very good system of bike sharing. The service is for the main streets and avenues. It is possible to share a bike during 30 minutes for free. The bikes are taken at some bike stations and returned at another bike stations. The available ...
Dear Michael Tran: The use of VCP, PE Concrete pipe or Fiberglas or another kind of pipes in sewers depends on the market price and the availability in the local market. Generally, you start your design with one economic study considering the unitary prices of the pipes including transportation, and ...
Gregory. The use of any kind of units depends on the job that you usually are performing. In every activity the most important is visualize the units that you use. For example, during my work as Hydraulic and Irrigation designer in many Latin American countries, I have had to use all kind of unit systems. ...
I can´t understand why in these times of computers and calculation tools, civil engineers that have been taught to do all kind of calculations, have problems with measurements units. ------------------------------ Alvaro Villamizar-C P.E., M.ASCE Port Coquitlam BC ------------------------------