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Hans Coucheron-Aamot, P.E.


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Saving the asphalt may well cause trouble and end up costing him more than just taking it out and installing a proper concrete slab by the book. ------------------------------ Hans H. Coucheron-Aamot Retired Albuquerque NM ------------------------------
I would recommend a paving fabric (Petromat, Amopave) over the asphalt and 4" concrete. ------------------------------ Hans H. Coucheron-Aamot [Retired] Albuquerque NM [Phone] ------------------------------
The United States was such a nice place to immigrate to when there were no traffic circles or "roundabouts" here. Now they have become fashionable, and architects and city planners just love them. On large "roundabouts" in Europe I have seen turn signals used to indicate the driver is nearing his ...
I have been wanting to add that, though I don't know of anyone having looked into it, I suspect that in the old times with just simple tongue and bell joints, the joints would very soon seal up tight with the grits and fats in the sewage, and groundwater pollution contributed from VCP sewers, if any, ...
At that, the fragility of VCP and requiring skilled handling, mostly applies to the larger sizes. For the most common sizes, 8 -12", common sense will do. ------------------------------ Hans H. Coucheron-Aamot [Retired] Albuquerque NM (505) 897-2554 ------------------------------