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Ms. Leslie Connelly, Aff.M.ASCE



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Posted By Leslie Connelly 12-05-2023 01:15 PM
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Standard ASCE/SEI 41-23 describes deficiency-based and systematic procedures that use performance-based principles to evaluate and retrofit existing buildings to withstand the effects of earthquakes. The standard presents a three-tiered process for seismic evaluation according to a range of building ...
Posted By Leslie Connelly 10-23-2023 12:45 PM
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ASCE/COS 73-23, addresses development and implementation of sustainable infrastructure solutions through the entire infrastructure life cycle. It can be used for infrastructure solutions of any scale, although it is specifically not intended to unduly burden small projects. The standard guides project ...
Posted By Leslie Connelly 10-23-2023 12:42 PM
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Dry Dock Standard , ASCE/COPRI 77-22, is intended to address a deficiency in commercial shipyards, specifically safety certification of drydocking facilities. The US Navy has a standard for certifying facilities that dry dock its ships. In addition, the US Coast Guard has a procedure for certifying facilities ...
Posted By Leslie Connelly 06-06-2023 01:13 PM
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This supplement to ASCE/SEI 7-22 is a significant revision of the design provisions in Chapter 5 to strengthen building resilience against the flood hazard. The primary technical updates relative to climate impacts include a new requirement tying flood hazard mitigation design to Risk Category, which ...
Posted By Leslie Connelly 06-02-2023 11:32 AM
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ASCE/SEI 76-23, provides a consensus perspective for mitigating disproportionate collapse. It describes minimum requirements for planning, assessment, analysis, material selection, design and detailing, construction, and qualification testing to mitigate disproportionate collapse of new and existing ...