Navigating Your Career Path

Navigating Your Career Path in a Time of Uncertainty

COVID-19 has created unique challenges. Listen to these engineers to see how they navigated tough job markets.


Technical or Management?

This is a question I get often from civil engineering professionals, usually from those on the early side of their career. It’s in reference to that proverbial fork in the road that all civil engineering professionals come to at some point: Will you stay on the technical track in your career, or will you go down the path of management?

First of all, does this fork in the road exist at all?


Career Path Series

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Creating a Career Plan

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Navigating a Nontraditional Path

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New Engineer pivots from Disney to NASA

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Changing discipline or arena mid-career

Many of us find the need to shift gears at some point and change discipline, arena, sector, or perhaps even country, mid-career.