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  • 1.  Tips for A Successful Mentoring Relationship

    Posted 03-06-2020 01:02 PM

    Mentoring is one of those things that you don't think you need it until you have it. Sometimes a great mentor can be the difference between getting your dream job or not. I have had mentors all throughout my short career as well as have been a mentor for a number of students and younger engineers. , recently posted a blog about Seven Tips to Building a Successful Mentoring Relationship.

    I want to start a discussion on your best tips for both mentors and mentees. What has worked and what hasn't?

    Also, feel free to ask me anything about the ASCE Mentor Match Program!

    Luis Duque EIT, A.M.ASCE
    Structural Engineer
    Broomfield CO

  • 2.  RE: Tips for A Successful Mentoring Relationship

    Posted 03-09-2020 06:21 PM

    Luis, great topic!

    I agree with you in that mentors can make so much of a difference in your career. Since they can sometimes be hard to find, once you have them, make sure to hold on them tight! They can be so valuable for your profession and progress.

    In my opinion, a fruitful mentor/mentee relationship hinges on frequent communication and encouragement from the mentor side for the mentee's advancement.  If the mentor/mentee relationship occurs directly within the work environment, there would most probably be an almost daily communication and touching on conversation topics related to day-to-day tasks. A relationship in which the mentor is outside of the mentee's work environment, from my experience, will touch on other peripheral and more broad topics that can be useful for the mentee's career.

    In short, whatever type of relationship you might have, it is important to touch base frequently and make sure your mentor is aware of your goals so the best guidance can be provided. And don't forget, mentors also always have something to learn from mentees! So it is a two way relationship.

    Hope this is helpful for the community.

    Salvador Bentolila P.E., ENV SP, M.ASCE
    New York NY

  • 3.  RE: Tips for A Successful Mentoring Relationship

    Posted 03-12-2020 12:24 PM
    Hello Luis and Salvador,

    In my opinion, a successful mentoring relationship thrives best in a judgement free zone. I would define a judgement free zone as one where a mentee trusts that a mentor will respond to their inquires without harsh criticism. Constructive comments work best and may make a mentee more comfortable to express their ideas, particularly those ideas that the mentee does not feel as free to discuss with a direct supervisor. (This touches on Salvador's comment about having a relationship in which a mentor is outside of the mentees work environment as well.) Also, consistent communication should help to grow trust between a mentor and mentee.

    Thank you,

    Jameelah Ingram P.E., M.ASCE
    Washington DC