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  • 1.  Overtime (over)thinking

    Posted 05-01-2022 01:11 PM
    I am curious about other people's thoughts on overtime - as a concept. its application, and availability.

    Personally, I work on long-term contracts that can last a year or more, and so overtime as a salaried employee at a consulting firm does not usually happen to begin with. Budgets are set in advance and meant to account for the team's hours as a whole. However, occasionally due to either staff turnover or staff being pulled onto other projects, there will be money in a contract that will be left unspent (the firm won't earn it if it is not billed for) by the end of the contract period. In those instances, working overtime is sometimes possible. 

    I've heard of cases at different companies where overtime is paid out anywhere from 2x, to 1x, down to puzzlingly < 1x of a person's hourly rate.  

    Personally, I have a hard time saying no to overtime, despite not having any urgent need for additional income. 

    Interested in learning what others may think about this topic as a whole.

    Christopher Seigel P.E., M.ASCE
    Civil Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Overtime (over)thinking

    Posted 05-09-2022 07:58 AM
    After all the years I have spent rearranging my weekly schedule as a college student and finding videos essays about the concept of anti-work ethic, I feel glad to have freedom to both write and rewrite what I do with my time. How this applies to working overtime is that while working on-campus, there were some days where I kept working until later than 5:00 pm. People had their own schedules for being at their desk and when something I was working on compelled me to stay that late, I could get dinner nearby. This allowed me to be satisfied with how much progress I made in a day and still be paid the same in terms of working hours.

    Then again, that was a part-time internship. I am not sure what national companies keep their doors open that long on working days without a cap at 40 working hours per week regarding the salary.

    Alexander Granato A.M.ASCE
    Bexley OH